Pear & Pecan Treacle Tart + a Video

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No new recipe today, we’ve had our hands more than full with this little tyke. But before he emerged into the world, I made a short film with the brilliant guys at Copper Productions which I wanted to share. Now that Nino is here, it’s hard to imagine life before our baby boy but there he was, snoozing inside my eight month bump and providing an excuse for second (ok, third) servings of the pear and pecan treacle tart featured at the end of the video. 

The film is a little peek into my kitchen and local Fulham life: my favourite bookshop, grocer and walk along the River Thames. There’s some waffling from me about food, family and feeding people, a very present baby bump and a bit about my book, Homemade Memories.

Looking through the blog archives, you’ll see that treacle tart is a perennial favourite of mine. In addition to the pear & pecan treacle tart featured above and in the video (which you’ll have to buy the book to get the recipe for), you might like to try the following:

Maple, pear & pecan treacle tarts

Individual almond treacle tarts

Treacle tart with rosemary salt & clotted cream ice cream

Treacle tart ice cream with rosemary sea salt pastry

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  1. This treacle tart looks divine! The perfect dessert to have while temperatures are not yet firmly in early spring territory (here in Brussels temps dropped back down to -4 the other day!).

    Hope all is well with the little one and he is fattening up like a champ ahead of his big day!

  2. Christine -

    What a lovely video – you look so calm

    What a truly lovely video – will be baking that treacle tart from your book this weekend, it has been on my baking “to do list” for some time!!!

    Baby looks so cute & hope he is putting on thr required weight ahead of his operation.

    I love that baby smell – there is nothing like it. I can remember just smelling my daughters head & feeling such overwhelming love for such a tiny being.

    Is that a Radission cook book you are leafing through at the beginning of the video?

    • admin -

      Thank you! And yes, he’s already put on 150g, he’s a little greedy guts 🙂

  3. Alex -

    Wonderful video, I was especially excited to see some of my favourite cafes and shops, good choices!

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