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Last year we celebrated Luke’s birthday with a bottomless brunch, the tables filled with food, nearly 30 friends and endless bellinis. Being heavily pregnant, I replaced my alcohol calories with a lot of toast, two platefuls of miniature desserts and likely at least one more croissant than is socially acceptable, soaking up the atmosphere and pondering what we’d be doing for the next birthday as a newfound family of three. Fast forward one year and Luke spent a much more low key couple of hours in the local pub while I stayed at home sticky with Calpol as I snuggled a feverish baby to sleep. When he arrived home at the rock and roll hour of six thirty, Luke promptly fell fast asleep on Nino’s activity mat whilst tidying up his toys (true story), but not before he’d hoovered up a large slice of this peanut butter and jam mini cake. Life as we know it has changed unrecognisably, but wherever there’s a birthday, there will always be cake. 

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PB&J Mini Cake - 2

Rather than writing out a recipe, this is just a suggestion of something you might like to make for any peanut butter and jam sandwich fans in your life. I baked up one vanilla cake (halving the recipe for Strawberry, Orange & Almond Sponge Cake in Homemade Memories, but any simple sponge will do), stamped out two large rounds with a cookie cutter and sandwiched them together with a slick of strawberry jam and a smaller portion of my favourite peanut butter frosting. I iced the sides ‘naked cake’ style but wasn’t too happy with the effect so all you’ve got is a shot of the enormous slice Luke chowed down before his impromtu nap.

Happy New Year to you and yours, may it be filled with family, friends, food and light. And cake, of course.

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  1. Ooh, wow! That looks yummy!

  2. Wahou, I’d love it ! So USA style 😉 In France we do not eat a lot of peanut butter and even less with jam, wich is quite usual on your side of the world ! It looks really yummy ! Happy bday !

  3. Kate this post totally put a smile on my face! I don’t have kids (yet) but I can imagine that it may feel bittersweet at times to notice how much your life has changed. But I also think there is something inherently beautiful in how life involves so many different phases, and how each of us is a different person at different stages of our life – from a helpless baby, to a giggly pre-schooler, a sulky teenager, a student who parties all night and wakes up with a terrible hangover, an anxious young adult on our first day at work and maybe, some day, a parent and a grandparent.

  4. anything with peanut butter is a winner. this looks and tastes great. thank you

  5. Zizi -

    If it involves peanut butter its definitely good !
    Thanks for sharing

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