Grapefruit & Ginger Cupcakes

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grapefruit cupcakes
Yesterday, we celebrated my Mum’s birthday. There was a meal at The River Cafe, sunshine in the sky and sunshine on our plates in the form of these grapefruit and ginger cupcakes. The time slipped away with me and I’m afraid there’s no recipe today, but I’ve got something up my sleeve for next time. Until then, have a wonderful week.

ginger syrup


grapefruit cupcakes


ginger syrup

grapefruit cupcakes





11 RESPONSES TO Grapefruit & Ginger Cupcakes

  1. Now there’s a pairing I haven’t made in a bake but come to think about, sounds gorgeous! X

  2. Tash -

    Ah these look so beautiful and what a gorgeous combination of flavours too! Hope your Mum had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to Mama Little Loaf! I love the flavour combination in these cupcakes; I’ve never thought to put grapefruit and ginger together.

  4. These are just beautiful cupcakes—sunny and very elegant!

    • thelittleloaf -

      It was such a beautiful day the day I took the photos 🙂

  5. Grapefruit and ginger sound incredible together, I love how you’ve iced these cupcakes, it’s so simple yet pretty.

    • thelittleloaf -

      I much prefer a little dunk of water icing to a huge amount of buttercream. Glad you like them too!

  6. Alex -

    How lovely, there is no more perfect location for a mother’s birthday meal than the River Cafe.

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