Spring/Summer 2015 Cookbooks I’m Looking Forward To

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As you read this, I’m sitting on a beach somewhere in St. Lucia (!). So no recipe this week, just a round up of the epic set of cookbooks I’m looking forward to buying/reading/cooking from over the next few months . . .

The Violet Bakery Cookbook by Claire Ptak (March)

Claire’s baking is nothing short of wonderful – nourishing but indulgent, simple yet delicious and made using the kinds of ingredients I like to keep at hand in my own kitchen (wholegrain flours, natural sweeteners, seasonal fruit). It publishes this week, so its arrival will be something to sweeten the blow of returning from holiday.

The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl & Spoon by Sara Forte (March)

There’s so much to love about Sara’s ‘tastier take on whole foods’ blog and her first cookbook is one I constantly take inspiration from. Her follow-up is based around bowl foods and I can’t wait to see what goodness she’s got to offer, both savoury and sweet.

My New Roots
by Sarah Britton

Sarah’s recipes are gorgeous but often require a little thought – soaking, some unusual ingredients or a trip to the health food shop – which is why I’m so excited for a printed book that I can sit down with and take time to properly absorb.

Lomelino’s Ice Cream
by Linda Lomelino

If you don’t know Linda Lomelino, check out her blog, Call Me Cupcake and Instagram account. Then you’ll know why I want this book – I’m expecting a sugar-filled feast for the eyes (and stomach)

A Lot on Her Plate by Rosie Birkett (April)

I found out about food writer and journalist Rosie’s cookbook through Instagram and have been cooing over her recipes ever since. Photos for the book were taken by the same brilliant photographer who shot mine so I know it will be as beautiful and fresh as the recipes sound.

 by Skye Gyngell

A new book from Skye Gyngell is guaranteed to get me excited and after visiting her new restaurant Spring earlier this year, I can’t wait to see which of my favourite recipes made it onto the pages.

Summer Berries & Autumn Fruits by Annie Rigg (May)

Annie Rigg writes recipes that really work. She also has a beautiful sense of style and her books are beautiful testament to this. While I adore her book Sweet for making all sorts of special occasion confections, I can’t wait to see what she does with the beautiful, seasonal fruit I love to eat every day.

Five Quarters by Rachel Roddy (June)

Rachel and I share both a book birthday and a love of Italian food. While I visit my parents’ house in Tuscany once a year and pretend I’m Italian for a week, Rachel is living the dream in her apartment in Rome. Her recipes are hearty and vibrant, her words considered and I’m expecting this book to spend as much time on the bedside table as in the kitchen.

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen
by Amy Chaplin

Another whole-foods focused, plant-based book that I can’t wait to start cooking from. Amy Chaplin not only creates interesting and inspiring recipes, she offers readers a wealth of information about the ingredients they are using, how to store them, prepare them and how eating them could impact your health.

Olia Hercules
by Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules was named as the Observer’s Rising Star in Food in 2015 and I’ve been following her beautiful photographs and food on Instagram for a while now. I’m always excited to discover new flavours and techniques in cooking and can’t wait to add Ukranian food to my repertoire. Plus that cover, it’s a beauty.

Oh, and there of course there’s my cookbook, Homemade Memories, publishing on 4th June. But you probably knew about that already, right? 🙂

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  1. Janet Highland -

    Hope you are having a fab time. Thanks for the heads up on these books, all of which look really interesting. I am already a big fan of Skye and have all her books. Another one I would add is Sesame & Spice by Anne Shooter just about to be published. Must dash as need to make space on my cookery bookshelves!!!!

  2. Sini -

    There are so many amazing cookbooks coming out this spring! You’ve definitely listed some of my absolute favorites as well, such as The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl & Spoon and At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen. I’m already a proud owner of Linda Lomelino’s ice cream book (got the original Swedish copy) and it’s definitely worth the wait. It’s filled with delicious recipes and mouthwatering photography. But hey, it’s Linda Lomelino we are talking about so no surprise there 😉

    Enjoy St. Lucia and the sun!

  3. In my opinion, yours should be number one on the list! xo

  4. Ooohh I didn’t know about some of these!! Can’t wait for that Sprouted Kitchen one. Her first book is one of my favorites for sure. And I’m excited for yours, too!

  5. OMG, the ice cream box looks just very tempting… It’s a good idea to shoot the entire pot… More decadence ! 😉

  6. I am super excited about the new Sprouted Kitchen book and may have to add that to my wish list on amazon! I have also just ordered Amy Chaplin’s book as well as Heidi Swanson’s new book and Tara O’Brady’s. There are so many other books I would like to order though! Really looking forward to seeing your book as well – all the sneak peeks on instagram were amazing!

  7. Sososo many great ones this year! I am also uber excited about yours, Rachel’s and Olia’s and can’t litterally wait for June to come!

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