Fifteen Favourite Food Instagram Accounts

the little loaf instagram

I’ve long been an Instagram fan, but becoming a breastfeeding mum turned me into a proper addict. When I wasn’t googling ‘why won’t my baby sleep in . . .’ and ‘is it normal for my newborn to . . .’ during those first few weeks, I spent our wakeful nights scrolling through my favourite accounts, imagining all the delicious treats I would make when I had a moment without a baby attached to my chest.

Now we’re nearly four months in and Nino is sleeping through the night, I’m not quite so scroll happy, but still love spending time during the day to catch up with my favourite Instagram feeds. Ok, that’s a lie, Nino still wakes up a couple of times to snack on a good night, but he now nurses quickly in complete dark, the two of us rolling over and back into sleep as quickly as possible without the distraction of technology.

Regardless of when you get your Insta-fix, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my favourites – a mixture of beautiful photos, sugar-laced treats, mum and baby eats and more. Enjoy!

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