Kale, Chilli & Buckwheat Breakfast Muffins


Buckwheat breakfast muffins packed with earthy kale & a kick of chilli

On average, how many of your government recommended 5-a-day do you manage to eat?

Despite, or perhaps (in part) because of, my love of baking and this blog, Iโ€™m very conscious of getting my daily quota of fruit and vegetables. In the UK itโ€™s fairly easy to stick to, with the government recommending a modest five 80g portions. However in Australia itโ€™s seven, Spain eat eight and in Japan they suggest a staggering seventeen, although Iโ€™m guessing each serving size is slightly smaller than ours given that consuming over a kilo of even the most ambrosial fruit would be a struggle for most sensible human beings in any given day.
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