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Kate and Luke wedding

One year ago yesterday, this happened. In front of 150 of our nearest and dearest, I promised my favourite person in the whole wide world that I’d love and be there for him forever. We kissed and ate and drank a lot, danced ourselves silly and ended the night running from the room through a tunnel of arms, the love of friends and family so tangible that I couldn’t help bursting into hot, happy tears in the taxi on the way to our hotel. The next day we jetted off to Bali and two weeks later we returned from one adventure to embark on this brand new one, as husband and wife.

Kate & Luke (189)I honestly don’t think being married feels very different from before, but it’s every bit as brilliant. A lot has happened in the past year – some incredible things, some not so wonderful surprises – but we’re in this together every step of the way. In January we celebrate our ten year anniversary of being together (yes, I’m claiming both anniversaries now as it seems the only right thing to do, men of the world take note) and life just keeps getting better.  Happy anniversary my darling Carnivorous Husband. I’m so very lucky to love and be loved by you.





  1. Stephania Biddings -

    Congratulations on your first anniversary! 🙂

  2. Happy 1st (wedding) anniversary (a day late) – as a girl I understand the importance of making a distinction ;o)

  3. Happy anniversary! We also celebrated our 10-year dating anniversary even though we were married, it felt too important to skip:-)

  4. happy anniversary and huge well done for all the wonderful stuff you have created along the way x

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