My Top Ten Italian Recipes

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tiramisu with vin santo

I’m sure I’ll regret writing this, but for the last few nights Nino has been sleeping better. All that restorative snoozing means he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed the wrong side of 6am most mornings but, while exhausting in its own way, this has encouraged us as a family to make the most of our extra long days. Yes, we may be ready for lunch come 11am, but we’ve also packed in an exercise video or two, a walk round the park, breakfast, snacks, stories, several rounds of coffee, four outfit changes and maybe managed to read a blog or two. On a good day I might even use the time while Nino is down for his first nap to post a recipe of my own . . .

Today, I’m afraid, isn’t one such day: we’re off to Italy on Sunday and in between some freelance recipe development and raising said little human, I haven’t had a chance to successfully re-test and photograph my latest creation. What I do have, however, is  a round up of my top ten Italian recipes from the archives. I can’t take you all to Italy with me, but this is hopefully the next best thing. We’re planning to eat pretty well while we’re away – including my birthday meal out and experimenting with a brand new pizza oven (which I’m inordinately excited about) – so do hop on over to Instagram and follow me if you’d like the latest updates.

Simple homemade pizza

[pictured top: Tiramisu with Vin Santo. Above: My Favourite Homemade Pizza]

Flourless Lemon Almond & Ricotta Cake

[Flourless Lemon, Almond & Ricotta Cake]

Pistachio Ice Cream Bars

[Seriously Nutty Pistachio Ice Cream Bars]

italian garlic bread



[Hazelnut Tiramisu Cake]


[Chocolate Cacao Nib Cake with Vin Santo Ice Cream]

[Toasted Panettone & Nutella Sandwiches with Cantuccini Cream]

Chamomile Cantaloupe Granita with Lime Yoghurt Mousse

[Camomile & Cantaloupe Granita with Lime Yoghurt Mousse]hazelnut meringue biscuits
[Brutti ma Buoni Biscuits]

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  1. Anna Crosby -

    I remember reading about your homemade pistachio ice creams first time around, one day I am going to love my husband enough to make them for him

    • Anna Crosby -

      That was meant to end with a smiley wink!!!

  2. M'Lissa -

    Make sure you schedule a nap or two for Mom into that long day.

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